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The Zombie Apocalypse And All Grain Brewing

If you’re like most homebrewers, you’re probably worried about the upcoming zombie apocalypse. I am because Hollywood has never steered us wrong in their predictions. So with all the focus on Zombies in Hollywood here, here and here, we think it’s time you extract brewers think long and hard about learning to brew with all grain. Because if Hollywood […]

Pickup Orders

Email us your Grain Bill, through the Contact area on our website, along with hops and yeast and we will have your order ready for pickup. Specify if you want your grains crushed or not. You can view our list of grains on the website. If we do not carry a specific kind of grain […]

Homebrew Classes Coming Soon!

In February we will be having our first home brewing class at the shop. There will be a calendar under the icon CLASSES which will show the date and time of each class. The class will include overview on equipment needed for making home brew and steps for making your first batch of home brew […]